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Great Britain

Buying safely

How do I avoid fraud?

Before buying any goods, pay attention to a number of important factors:

  • extremely low price of goods
  • distant location of the seller
  • inability to have a satisfactory phone conversation
  • inability or refusal to meet in person

The easiest way to avoid fraud is to make a deal during a personal meeting.

Common fraudulent schemes

Before you make a deal make sure it does not look like a common fraudulent scheme:

  • Pets

  • Vehicles

  • Cheap electronics

  • Buyers from distant countries

What do I do if I come across a fraudster?

  1. Contact our okidoki support service, describe the situation in detail, and we will ban the fraudster from the website and delete his ads.
  2. If you were cheated, write a statement to the police, specifying the username and any other information you have.

We do not provide users with IP addresses or other internal information.
okidoki assists in the quick detection of crimes by providing all necessary information upon an official request from the police.